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Supercharge Hivemapper’s Growth with Open Road Season 2: Champions

After an amazing year, this new community-led initiative will champion the network’s next phase of expansion and impact.

Remember when we set out together to build the world’s freshest map? Remember the thrill you felt when you started contributing to the growth of a mapping network with immense potential?
Well, we’ve done it! With Open Road Season 1: Trailblazer, this incredible community ambitiously targeted 6 million unique road kilometers, covering 10% of global roads. We reached that milestone while collectively mapping a staggering 90 million total road kilometers in more than 90 countries — delivering the freshest data to a growing list of map customers.
Hivemapper accomplished this in just the past year, effectively bootstrapping a high-value mapping network and a thriving community of drivers and Map AI Trainers from scratch. Your enthusiasm and dedication have propelled the network forward at an unprecedented pace. We couldn’t be more grateful for your contributions, because the network couldn’t have come this far so quickly without you.
We all know that this is a pivotal moment. Now is the time to focus our combined energy on championing the next major leap for Hivemapper.
Open Road Season 2: Champions is a new community-led initiative to catapult the network’s operations into supercharged growth. As a Hivemapper champion, your efforts will help accelerate the number of map contributors and create a buzz that attracts map data customers to the network like bees to nectar.
The beauty of this community is that while we benefit from strength in numbers, each of you has immense influence to help shape what comes next. By tapping into your personal networks, you hold the key to rapidly scaling Hivemapper at this vital phase. Your participation matters. Your connections matter. Your impact matters.

Strengthen the Community

By recommending the Hivemapper Dashcam to friends and family, or just people who drive a ton, you can help expand the network’s mapping community and deepen its rich dataset.
HONEY bonuses will be rewarded as follows:
  • 1 confirmed dashcam referral, receive 100 HONEY.
  • 2–4 confirmed dashcam referrals, upgrade to receive 200 HONEY/referral.
  • 5–8 confirmed dashcam referrals, upgrade to receive 300 HONEY/referral.
  • 9+ confirmed dashcam referrals, upgrade to receive 500 HONEY/referral.
Example: If you produce 10 dashcam referrals, you’ll receive a total bonus of 5,000 HONEY (10*500 HONEY = 5,000 HONEY).
  • You’ll also receive a 5% cash commission on net sales attributed to you.
  • Each valid referral will generate a ticket for a weekly raffle for a variety of special prizes.
  • What’s more, the top 10 participants will receive a direct 20,000 HONEY bonus at the end of the season!


- Canceled/refunded referrals will not qualify for HONEY bonuses. - HONEY bonuses will be processed following 20 days post-delivery with the normal reward cycle. - Referrals must occur between Dec. 5, 2023 and Feb. 29, 2024 11:59 PM PT to qualify.

Share Unique Partnership Opportunities

  • We welcome recommendations for win-win data partnerships.
  • If you know of a business that would benefit from accessing the network’s map imagery and data, we’d be grateful if you’d connect us. Validated map customers that you recommend will unlock substantial HONEY reward bonuses.
  • If you have a potential map customer in mind, please alert us by filling out this form. We will follow up with you for more details.

Whether it involves helping friends join the mission or connecting Hivemapper with promising customer leads, your outreach will unlock Hivemapper’s next milestones in coverage and real-world impact.

Video Contest of Champions

  • Open Road Season 2: Champions
    includes a weekly video contest for community members to document the amazing views they are mapping and their initial experiences using the dashcam. Submissions can also take the form of dashcam unboxing or installation videos.
  • Each week’s winner receives 1,000 HONEY tokens.
  • We’ll also compile a special monthly video montage featuring at least 10 contest submissions. If your video is chosen, you could earn an additional 1,000 HONEY tokens.
To join this exciting campaign, simply submit a 5 to 15 second video that meets the following criteria:
  • Shoot in portrait (vertical) mode.
  • Feature a Hivemapper Dashcam or Hivemapper Dashcam S, ideally with all lights on.
  • Provide a clear view of your mapping location.
  • Share your video on X (Twitter), Instagram, or Facebook with #openroads2 and #hivemapper, and tag @Hivemapper.
  • Remember to include the name of the place or point of interest you’re mapping.
  • Feel free to get creative! Crazy cuts, sounds, and editing are all welcome.

Thank you for being the heart and soul of Hivemapper. This community is distinguished by our unity, our shared purpose, and the recognition that we’re building something of great value. 
Your spirit and commitment are the driving force behind this platform — and as we set our sights on new goals, we’re counting on you, the network’s champions, to lead the charge.**

Follow us on X (Twitter) and join our Discord.

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