5 Reasons Hivemapper Built the Bee

February 21, 2024



Images Blog Minihow-to-build-a-hivemapper-fleet-and-recruit-drivers

How to Build a Hivemapper Fleet and Recruit Drivers

January 17, 2024

Images Blog Minimaximize-rideshare-potential-with-hivemapper-tips-from-a-seasoned-driver

Maximize Rideshare Potential with Hivemapper: Tips from a Seasoned Driver

January 11, 2024

Images Blog Miniadvanced-map-data-to-streamline-long-haul-trucking-and-logistics

Advanced Map Data to Streamline Long-Haul Trucking and Logistics

January 5, 2024

Images Blog Miniexplore-real-estate-and-land-use-potential-with-dynamic-map-imagery

Explore Real Estate and Land Use Potential with Dynamic Map Imagery

December 26, 2023

Images Blog Miniaccurate-underwriting-fresh-map-imagery-for-commercial-property-analysis

Accurate Underwriting: Fresh Map Imagery for Commercial Property Analysis

December 19, 2023

Images Blog Minidetailed-road-imagery-map-data-for-real-estate-valuations-and-analysis

Detailed Road Imagery and Map Data for Real Estate Valuations and Analysis

December 13, 2023

Images Blog Minimonitor-road-conditions-and-maintenance-with-dynamic-map-imagery

Monitor Road Conditions and Maintenance with Dynamic Map Imagery

December 7, 2023

Images Blog Minisupercharge-hivemappers-growth-with-open-road-season-2-champions

Supercharge Hivemapper’s Growth with Open Road Season 2: Champions

December 5, 2023

Images Blog Minidiversify-ai-computer-vision-models-with-global-road-imagery-map-data

Diversify AI Computer Vision Models with Global Road Imagery and Map Data

November 30, 2023

Images Blog Minihow-hivemapper-apis-support-eu-speed-limit-compliance-for-automakers

How Hivemapper APIs Support EU Speed Limit Compliance for Automakers

November 29, 2023

Images Blog Minidynamic-fresh-map-imagery-for-smarter-home-insurance-risk-assessments

Dynamic, Fresh Map Imagery for Smarter Home Insurance Risk Assessments

November 17, 2023

Images Blog Minimap-your-city-road-signs-and-infrastructure-for-efficient-maintenance

Map Your City’s Road Signs and Infrastructure for Efficient Maintenance

November 14, 2023

Images Blog Miniharness-scalable-map-image-and-feature-apis-for-advanced-navigation-apps

Harness Scalable Map Image and Feature APIs for Advanced Navigation Apps

November 10, 2023

Images Blog Miniget-real-time-construction-alerts-for-smarter-navigation-and-logistics

Get Real-Time Construction Alerts for Smarter Navigation and Logistics

November 8, 2023

Images Blog Minimastering-the-last-mile-dynamic-map-data-for-efficient-delivery-operations

Mastering the Last Mile: Dynamic Map Data for Efficient Delivery Operations

November 6, 2023

Images Blog Minicelebrating-the-hivemapper-networks-first-year

Celebrating the Hivemapper Network’s First Year

November 3, 2023

Images Blog Minithe-hivemapper-networks-first-anniversary-a-community-tribute

The Hivemapper Network’s First Anniversary: A Community Tribute

November 2, 2023

Images Blog Miniintroducing-hivemapper-scout-your-ultimate-location-monitoring-solution

Introducing Hivemapper Scout: Your Ultimate Location Monitoring Solution

November 1, 2023

Images Blog Minihivemappers-automated-map-ai-pipeline-generates-detailed-road-features

Hivemapper’s Automated Map AI Pipeline Generates Detailed Road Features

October 30, 2023

Images Blog Miniconsistent-imagery-the-key-to-superior-map-data-for-businesses

Consistent Imagery: The Key to Superior Map Data for Businesses

October 26, 2023

Images Blog Minienhance-autonomous-vehicles-with-hivemappers-crowdsourced-maps

Enhance Autonomous Vehicles With Hivemapper’s Crowdsourced Maps

October 24, 2023

Images Blog Minihivemapper-licensing-map-data-paying-customers

Hivemapper Inc. Is Now Licensing Data for Paying Customers

October 23, 2023

Images Blog Minihivemapper-decentralized-mapping-paves-the-way-for-smart-cities

Hivemapper’s Decentralized Mapping Paves the Way for Smart Cities

October 19, 2023

Images Blog Minihoney-bursts-on-demand-fresh-map-data-for-businesses

HONEY Bursts: On-Demand, Fresh Map Data for Businesses

October 6, 2023

Images Blog Minidrive-smarter-and-safer-decentralized-map-ai-supercharges-adas-systems

Drive Smarter and Safer: Hivemapper’s Map AI Supercharges ADAS Systems

September 18, 2023

Images Blog Minioutpacing-google-hivemapper-tops-5-million-unique-kilometers-mapped

Outpacing Google: Hivemapper Tops 5 Million Unique Kilometers Mapped

September 13, 2023

Images Blog Miniintroducing-honey-bursts-hivemappers-bounty-feature-for-targeted-mapping

Introducing HONEY Bursts: Hivemapper’s Bounty Feature for Targeted Mapping

August 31, 2023

Images Blog Miniclaim-your-hivemapper-dashcam-limited-stock-now-more-coming-soon

Claim Your Hivemapper Dashcam: Limited Stock Now, More Coming Soon

August 29, 2023

Images Blog Minihow-hivemapper-protects-your-privacy-while-mapping-the-world

How Hivemapper Protects Your Privacy While Mapping the World

August 18, 2023

Images Blog Miniwelcome-to-open-road-season-1-trailblazers

Welcome to Open Road Season 1: Trailblazers

August 3, 2023

Images Blog Mini5-things-we-learned-about-ai-trainers

5 Things We Learned About AI Trainers

July 21, 2023

Images Blog Minihow-it-works-hivemapper-map-ai

How It Works: Hivemapper’s Map AI

July 19, 2023

Images Blog Minithe-secret-hivemapper-master-plan-just-between-you-and-me

The Hivemapper Master Plan (Just Between You and Me)

July 18, 2023

Images Blog MiniMapping-just-got-way-easier

Mapping Just Got Way Easier: Introducing DashcamOS 2.0

May 8, 2023

Images Blog MiniHivemapper’s-Got-Talent-Recap

Hivemapper’s Got Talent: Community Designed Bike Mount Solutions

May 8, 2023

Images Blog Minihivemapper-map-ai-trainer-games-the-future-of-map-making

Hivemapper Map AI Trainer Games: The Future of Mapmaking

April 28, 2023

Images Blog Mini2M-kilometers-closer-to-beating-Google-Maps

Hivemapper Is 2M Kilometers Closer to Beating Google Maps

April 28, 2023

Images Blog Minihivemapper-vs-google-maps-which-map-is-fresher

Hivemapper vs. Google Maps: Which Map Is Fresher?

April 24, 2023

Images Blog Minihivemapper-developer-ecosystem-introducing-backtrac

Hivemapper Developer Ecosystem - Introducing BackTrac

April 14, 2023

Images Blog MiniThe-best-places-in-the-world-to-be-Hivemapping-right-now

The best places in the world to be Hivemapping right now

April 14, 2023

Images Blog Miniimasugu-haibu-mapping-wo-okonau-ni-saiteki-na-sekai-no-basho


April 14, 2023

Images Blog Mini지금-세계에서-Hivemapping하기-가장-좋은-장소

지금 세계에서 Hivemapping하기 가장 좋은 장소

April 14, 2023

Images Blog MiniLes-meilleurs-endroits-au-monde-pour-faire-du-Hivemapping

Les meilleurs endroits au monde pour faire du Hivemapping en ce moment

April 14, 2023

Images Blog MiniIntroducing-one-of-Hivemapper’s-Authorized-Resellers-in-Europe

Introducing one of Hivemapper’s Authorized Resellers in Europe

April 12, 2023

Images Blog MiniScaling-DePIN-with-Parley-Labs

Scaling DePIN with Parley Labs

April 11, 2023

Images Blog Miniwhy-should-i-deploy-hivemapper-dashcams-across-my-fleet-of-vehicles

Why should I deploy Hivemapper Dashcams across my fleet of vehicles?

March 29, 2023

Images Blog Minihivemapper-mapped-1-million-unique-kilometers

Hivemapper Mapped 1 Million Unique Kilometers

March 23, 2023

Images Blog Miniin-the-drivers-seat-with-hivemapper-fleets-ft-david-valenzuela

In the driver’s seat with Hivemapper Fleets ft David Valenzuela

March 20, 2023

Images Blog MiniImplementation-of-MIP-2

Implementation of MIP-2

March 17, 2023

Images Blog Miniunpacking-last-weeks-delayed-honey-rewards-hivemappers-plan-to-prevent

Unpacking Last Week’s Delayed HONEY Rewards: Hivemapper's Plan to Prevent Future Issues

March 13, 2023

Images Blog MiniMap-Improvement-Proposal-2-(MIP-2)

Map Improvement Proposal 2 (MIP-2)

March 10, 2023

Images Blog Minithe-entrepreneur-journey-on-a-mission-to-build-the-worlds-freshest-map

The Entrepreneur Journey: On a Mission to Build the World’s Freshest Map

March 9, 2023

Images Blog MiniHivemapper's-Got-Talent

Hivemapper’s Got Talent: Bike Mount Competition

March 7, 2023

Images Blog MiniShow-me-the-HONEY-Introducing-the-HONEY-Rewards-Calculator

Show me the HONEY: Introducing the HONEY Rewards Calculator

March 2, 2023

Images Blog Miniexplain-like-im-five

What's Hivemapper? Explain like I'm five

February 24, 2023

Images Blog MiniYour-Hivemapper-Dashcam-will-ship-by-March-8

Your Hivemapper Dashcam will ship by March 8

February 23, 2023

Images Blog MiniA-community-of-builders-working-together-to-build-a-better-map

A community of builders, working together to build a better map

February 22, 2023

Images Blog MiniBuilding-mapping-data-products-on-Hivemapper

Building mapping data products on Hivemapper

February 17, 2023

Images Blog Minifor-real-the-hivemapper-dashcam-s-is-almost-here

For real, the Hivemapper Dashcam S is almost here

February 13, 2023

Images Blog Miniintroducing-the-hivemapper-dune-dashboard-explore-growth-and-honey-rewards

Introducing the Hivemapper Dune Dashboard: Explore Growth and HONEY Rewards Metrics of the Hivemapp...

February 2, 2023

Images Blog Minishould-i-contribute-to-hivemapper-here-are-the-top-10-reasons-to-map-for-the

Should I contribute to Hivemapper? Here are the top 10 reasons to map for the Hivemapper Network.

February 2, 2023

Images Blog Miniwhy-did-hivemapper-build-and-design-a-dashcam

Why Did Hivemapper Design and Build Its Own Cameras?

January 27, 2023

Images Blog Minihow-to-mount-your-hivemapper-dashcam-heres-some-inspo-from-the-hivemapper

How do I mount my Hivemapper Dashcam? Here’s some inspo from the Hivemapper Community.

January 19, 2023

Images Blog Minihivemapper-network-and-honey-token-launch

Hivemapper Network and HONEY token launch

November 17, 2022

Images Blog Minihivemapper-network-update-and-why-fleets-are-important

Hivemapper Network update and why Hivemapper's approach is unique and powerful

October 31, 2022

Images Blog Miniintroducing-hivemapper-fleet-management

Introducing Hivemapper Fleet Management

September 29, 2022

Images Blog Minihardware-update-4

Hardware Update #4

September 16, 2022

Images Blog Minihardware-update-3

Hardware Update #3

September 1, 2022

Images Blog Minihow-hivemapper-uses-helium-for-location-verification

How Hivemapper uses Helium for location verification

August 31, 2022

Images Blog Minihardware-update-2

Hardware Update #2

August 16, 2022

Images Blog Minihivemapper-hardware-update

Hivemapper Hardware Update

August 2, 2022

Images Blog Mini35-Metro-Regions-in-the-Hivemapper-Network-Launch

35 Metro Regions in the Hivemapper Network Launch

July 22, 2022

Images Blog Miniheres-where-well-ship-hivemapper-dashcams-and-turn-on-honey-token-rewards

Here’s where we’ll ship Hivemapper Dashcams and turn on HONEY token rewards first

July 7, 2022

Images Blog Minibuilding-high-volume-data-applications-with-solana

Building High Volume Data Applications with Solana

June 30, 2022

Images Blog Miniintroducing-a-new-crypto-miner-dashcam-with-additional-security-features-1

Introducing a new crypto miner dashcam with additional security features – Hivemapper Dashcam S

May 18, 2022

Images Blog Miniseries-a-announcement-and-pre-order-launch-summary

Series A Announcement and Pre-Order Launch Summary

May 4, 2022

Images Blog Miniintroducing-the-hivemapper-network-the-worlds-first-blockchain-based-mapping

Introducing the Hivemapper Network: The World’s First Blockchain-Based Mapping Network

April 5, 2022

Images Blog Minicelebrating-5-000-instagram-followers-and-our-growing-hivemapper-community

Celebrating 5,000 Instagram Followers and our Growing Hivemapper Community

February 23, 2022

Images Blog Minihelp-us-map-more-trips-to-the-moon-in-road-kilometers-join-the-hivemapper

Help Us Map More Trips to the Moon in Road Kilometers. Join the Hivemapper Mapping Network.

February 16, 2022

Images Blog Minicelebrating-1-000-discord-members-and-our-growing-hivemapper-community

Celebrating 1,000 Discord Members and Our Growing Hivemapper Community

February 9, 2022

Images Blog Minihow-to-scale-a-network-of-contributors-to-power-a-new-decentralized-global

How to Scale a Network of Contributors to Power a New Decentralized Global Map

February 1, 2022

Images Blog Minicelebrate-data-privacy-day-to-raise-awareness-and-promote-privacy-and-data

Celebrate Data Privacy Day to Raise Awareness and Promote Privacy and Data Protection Best Practices

January 26, 2022

Images Blog Minihow-to-grow-and-support-a-mapping-network-for-a-new-global-decentralized-map

How to Grow and Support a Mapping Network for a New Global Decentralized Map

January 18, 2022

Images Blog Minivisualize-how-drivers-all-over-the-world-are-co-creating-a-new-global-map

Visualize How Drivers All Over the World Are Co-Creating a New Global Map

January 11, 2022

Images Blog Minimap-mining-anyone-how-mapping-on-the-blockchain-will-bridge-crypto-to-the

Map Mining, Anyone? How Mapping on the Blockchain Will Bridge Crypto to the Physical World

January 5, 2022

Images Blog Minihivemapper-2021-year-in-review

Hivemapper 2021 Year in Review

December 30, 2021

Images Blog Minihow-a-new-global-decentralized-map-will-revolutionize-the-mapping-economy

How a New Global Decentralized Map Will Revolutionize the Mapping Economy and Geospatial Data Use

December 21, 2021