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Hivemapper’s Got Talent: Bike Mount Competition

Welcome to the first edition of Hivemapper's Got Talent, our first-ever Hivemapper Dashcam bike mount competition! Today, we're challenging you to develop a mounting solution for the Hivemapper Dashcam optimized to collect street-level imagery on a motorcycle or bicycle. 
It's been exciting to watch 10,000+ contributors grow the Hivemapper decentralized global map exponentially. People participating in the Hivemapper Network have amazed onlookers with their ingenuity and creativity. Hivemapper’s 20,000+ community members on Twitter and Discord have already been exploring different ways to mount the Hivemapper Dashcam.
Taking this to the next level, we're calling on community members to develop a mounting solution that contributors can use on a  motorcycle or bicycle. We'll select three winners from the competition. The first-place winner will win a Hivemapper Dashcam and a $200 Amazon gift card, the second-place winner will receive a dashcam, and the third-place winner will receive a $200 Amazon gift card.  
Are you up for the challenge?

Competition Rules & Guidelines

To participate, create a mounting solution for the Hivemapper Dashcam that you can install on a motorcycle or bicycle. Your Hivemapper Dashcam should be able to collect high-quality street-level imagery when mounted. Ultimately, we want the mounting solution to be practical, balancing utility and creativity.
  • Battery Source. You must have a battery source to power the Hivemapper Dashcam. For example, a backpack with a battery pack connecting the dashcam. Your battery pack must be able to endure a 1-hour trip.
  • Stabilization. With your mounting solution, your dashcam must be able to sit firmly on the vehicle while maintaining its balance and stability on a bike ride. Imagine your Hivemapper Dashcam is on a gimbal.
  • High Quality Imagery. Your Hivemapper Dashcam should be able to collect high-quality street-level imagery while mounted on a motorcycle or bicycle.
  • Community Participation. You must be part of the Hivemapper community by joining our Hivemapper Discord and following us on Twitter.
  • User Friendly. Your mounting solution should be easy for others to recreate and use. We want as many people as possible to join the network and contribute to building a decentralized map. 
  • Simplicity. We encourage you to be creative with your solution. Fun and wacky builds are welcome. Just keep in mind “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The creativity of your mount should not take away from its utility value on the road.

How to Participate

To participate, follow us onTwitter, Discord, and submit your application here by 04/10. A panel of carefully curated judges both internal and external to Hivemapper, will select the winners from a pool of finalists that have been voted for by the community. The announcement of the winners will be shared across Hivemapper’s social channels and live-streamed on 4/14/2023. 

From #DriveToEarn to #RideToEarn

Opening up the Hivemapper Network to motorcycles and bicycles is a new step in exploring ways to make it easier for more people to participate in the Hivemapper Network. Only some people have or drive a car. In specific regions across Europe, Asia, and Africa, commuting on a motorcycle or bicycle can be more accessible or preferred by individuals. So, what if mapping with a Hivemapper Dashcam wasn’t exclusive to cars? How much growth would we see? 
Stay tuned for updates and reminders related to the competition on the Hivemapper Twitter and Discord

  • By participating in the bike mount competition, you acknowledge and understand that there are dangers and risks associated with building, mounting, and testing a Hivemapper Dashcam, including but not limited to the risk of bodily injury and property damage. You voluntarily assume all risks, including those related to your participation in the competition.
We advise any participant testing the dashcam mount in a controlled, safe area instead of on a busy public road to avoid any potential bodily injury or property damage. 

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