Build a better map for your community

Maps that show change. Maps that visualize.
Maps built by you.

The world changes quickly - you need a map that can keep up

Get fresh data where you need it most. Upload video moving through the places you need to visualize and Hivemapper’s AI will reconstruct a high-detail 3D Map and give you the tools to understand it.

Join the hive,
earn some honey

Work together to build a 3D map of the world by simply uploading drone and dashcam video footage. Earn for every tile you fly and leave your mark on the growing global map. It’s a great way to map your city and earn cash along the way.

Driver's perspective from a car driving down a forest highway road

Map the world while you drive

With the addition of our Open Dashcam, you can record video while driving in any vehicle. When the dashcam connects to wifi, your data is uploaded automatically to be processed and added to the map. Turn something ordinary into something extrordinary — drive for us!


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