Hivemapper is the place for all your drone video.

8 Reasons why every drone video belongs on Hivemapper.


Never pay for 3D maps.

100% free 3D maps made from your drone videos with no gotchas. Wondering how we'll make money? In the future there will be optional tools you can purchase.


Visually stunning.

By combining the best of 3D maps and drone videos Hivemapper Flight View is by far the best way to view your drone footage. Try it here!


Upload drone videos from anywhere.

Set it and forget it. Connect your Google Drive and Dropbox drone videos folders to Hivemapper and we'll automatically upload your drone videos. Also upload directly from your computer - get started by uploading our sample drone videos.


21st century tools for organizing your drone videos.

Coming Soon

Like many avid drone fliers you have thousands of drone videos. Organize all your drone videos in one place, and explore your drone videos on a 2D and 3D map. It makes finding every drone video so much faster.


Upload drone videos with peace of mind.

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We get it, some drone videos are best shared anonymously — Anonymous Mode lets you share your drone videos while protecting your privacy.

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Drone GIFs made for sharing.

Coming Soon

For every video we'll automatically generate a short and sweet GIF making sharing a jiffy so you have both an amazing GIF and drone video to share on Facebook, Twitter, Slack, or just plain old email.


Choose your perspective.

Coming Soon

Finding the right part of the video that captures the perspective you want is super slow and tedious. With Hivemapper it now takes seconds. Hover on any object and it automatically displays videos of the object from multiple perspectives. Choose your favorite perspective. Done.



Coming Soon

Keep track of all the changes from really small things like new plants to much larger ones like cranes. Change Detection highlights terrain and objects that have changed.