What We Do

Building a map of the earth from drone videos

By combining the power of artificial intelligence and drone videos we create a fresh 3D map of the earth to help humans see the earth from a new perspective and understand how it’s changing. Everybody will be able to participate in creating the map by simply sharing their drone videos - join the waitlist.

Explore our earth through drone videos

Flight View is by far the best way to view your drone vidoe footage - it’s like Street View from above. Every pixel in your video is mapped to it’s true place in the world giving you the power to explore your videos within the context of a map. Explore the map gallery and join the waitlist to add your own videos.

Never Fly Alone

All the 3D map data generated by drone videos is freely available when you Fly with Hivemapper app for DJI Phantom/Inspire drones. The Fly with Hivemapper app is a DJI Go app alternative with autonomous flying modes that use our 3D map data to help keep you out of trouble. Obstruction highlighting is a simple and powerful feature - objects taller than your drone are highlighted red on the map.

Finally, when you Fly with Hivemapper you always know your true height above ground level.

Tracking Objects

The real world has billions of different objects, yet you are only interested in a few of them. Quickly filter the map for objects like building, trees, power-poles, and many more objects. Object Tracking is coming soon - contact us. (hi@hivemapper).