Hivemapper builds maps from any video

Our APIs and Bulk Import tools collect and process video from practically any video camera to continuously build and refresh your map.

Our favorite video cameras

Hivemapper works with any good video — so providing a list of every video camera we support is not realistic. We’ve mapped with a wide range of cameras, from the affordable $150 camera to the pricey $500,000+ assembly. If you have not already chosen a camera, these are ones we’ve used and liked:

Camera SetupBest ForExample
FLIR 380 HDC Camera
8.5 - 340mm (EO)
25 - 500mm (IR)
High Altitude
1,000 to 20,000 ft.
Example frame from a FLIR 380 HDC Camera
Red Weapon Dragon 6K
Red Weapon Dragon 6K
Canon E30-300mm
High Altitude
100 to 5,000 ft.
Example frame from a Red Weapon Dragon 6K camera
Zenmuse X7 camera
Zenmuse X7
DL-S 16mm F2.8 ND ASPH
Low Altitude
20 to 400 ft.
Example frame from a Zenmuse X7 camera
DJI Phantom 4 camera
DJI Phantom 4
Similiar Setup
All DJI Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 cameras.
Low Altitude
20 to 400 ft.
Example frame from a DJI Phantom 4 camera

Check your camera

Use the tool below to figure out how well your camera, lens, and altitude will work with Hivemapper.

Your collection setup
Lens focal length
21 mm
600 mm
100 mm
This is the smallest lens you can use at this altitude with a that camera.
What you can expect
Orbit flight pattern
16-23 cm point spacing.
Square km of map per hour of video:
1.89 (At  140 MPH ground speed.)
Grid flight pattern
At this altutude you need a higher resolution camera to map with straight line flights.

Have questions about your camera setup?

Provide your video camera information.
We’ll review the specs and let you know if it will work out.

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