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603 hours of drone videos, and counting. Start making your drone video work harder for you by transforming them into visually stunning maps.

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How Hivemapper Works


Many of the frequently asked questions below are answered in the Hivemapper 101 Guide.

Hivemapper Basics

What's Hivemapper?

By combining the best of drone videos and 3D maps Hivemapper is visually stunning and by far the best way to view your drone footage.

We provide the tools that make your drone videos work harder for you - from transforming your drone videos into visually stunning 3D maps, powerful yet simple tools for organizing and sharing your drone videos, and a platform that is by far the best way to view your drone footage

Is Hivemapper free?

Yes -- create a free account and start uploading drone videos. In the future we will provide paid tools for businesses.

Capturing Video

Will any drone video work?

1. Currently, we accept drone video from any drone that generates an .SRT file for the captured video. Practically all DJI drones generate this file. Learn how to quickly enable the Video Caption setting to generate an .SRT file for your videos (sample .SRT files can be found here.). This setting persists across all flying apps.

2. Videos that follow these guidelines are best for processing 3D maps.

What drone can I use?

We currently accept drone video from practically all DJI drones.
A matching .SRT (video caption) file containing GPS coordinates is required with each video. Practically all DJI drones can easily be configured to generate these along with your video files. Learn how to quickly enable the Video Caption setting to generate an .SRT file for your videos.

In the future you won't need an .SRT file, which means you can provide us drone videos from any aerial vehicle.

What app can I fly with?

When capturing drone video you can fly with any app you want. Just make sure you first enable the Video Caption setting in the DJI Go App. Learn how to quickly enable the Video Caption setting to generate an .SRT file for your videos.

What video settings should I use?

There are only 3 video settings you need to worry about when capturing drone videos. Read the short Hivemapper 101 Guide.

Can I broadcast live drone video footage to Hivemapper?

Not yet. If you want to see this feature on Hivemapper drop us an email

Uploading Video

How do I upload drone videos?

There are three ways to upload drone videos:

1. From your computer -- begin upload here. Once you have videos with their .SRT files, you can upload them by logging in to You can upload multiple videos in one batch. Try it for yourself right now with our free sample videos that you can download here.

2. From Google Drive or Dropbox (coming shortly).

3. Send us a hard drive. This is 100% serious, and if there are enough videos we'll pay up to $40 for shipping. Drop us an email at to make arrangements.

Can I upload an unlimited number of drone videos?

1. When you join during the beta period (currently) you'll get unlimited free drone video uploads for life. The only catch is that you must upload at least 20GB of drone videos to Hivemapper during the beta period.

2. If you join after the beta period you will be limited to 20GB of drone video uploads per month.

Can I make videos private?

Currently all videos uploaded to Hivemapper are public and associated to your user name.

We will soon support...
1) Anonymous mode - uploaded drone videos are public yet never associated with your user name.
2) Private mode - uploaded drone videos can only be viewed by others when they have a passcode.

Where can I get sample drone video files to play with?

Using our free sample videos (download here) you can take Hivemapper for a spin. For every video there is a corresponding .SRT file that you'll need to upload as well.

Processing Drone Videos

How long does it take to transform a video into a 3D map?

The magic depends on the size of the video. Expect a 24 hr turnaround. No need to wait around, we’ll send you an email when they are finished processing.

What map data do drone videos generate?

1. Stunning combination of 3D Map + drone videos that you can view in Hivemapper Flight View -- it’s the best way to view 3D maps and your drone videos.

2. Heights of objects: For example, we can tell you the highest point on a building is 43 feet tall. (coming soon)

3. We identify changes in terrain and objects (building, antenna) to the previous videos and or other forms of mapping that occurred in the area. (coming soon)

How accurate is the map data generated by drone videos?

Absolute accuracy of 15 to 25 centimeters; this means each point is no more than 25 centimeters from it’s true real world coordinates.

When will you expand coverage to additional areas?

Currently, Hivemapper accepts videos captured in certain geographic regions (see coverage maps) and every month we will add new coverage regions.

Want to be notified of the new coverage regions? Sign up for a free account and we will send a newsletter when new coverage regions launch.

Viewing Drone Videos

Where can I see my videos within the map?

1. In upper right hand corner click on your user name.
2. Video Manager
3. Find your video and hit Play. This will play the video in context of the 3D map.

How are featured videos determined?

Featured videos are determined by total view count and editorial reviews.


What do I do if I want a face or license place in a video blurred?

Email us at and provide the following:

1. Video link.
2. Face and/or car license you want blurred.
3. Reason they should be blurred - for example this is me in the video and you can clearly see my face.