Hivemapper Releases

October 2nd, 2019



  • The introduction of Object AI ー capability that segments the 3D space into six different classifications (buildings, ground, pavement, trees, mobile, and water) enabling users to filter the map by object type.
  • New analytic tools: viewshed (to determine visible areas from a given post), height above ground, and slope measurement.
  • New product section on for Change Detection, Object AI, and Map helping you understand the capabilities of our core product offering.
  • New Map experience ー with the addition of Object AI we took the opportunity to introduce a new Map viewer experience.
  • Virtual Reality - new tools for setting up and using Hivemapper VR.


  • A redesigned Dashboard making it easier to track and understand how your videos are progressing through the mapping pipeline.
  • A redesigned home page.
  • A redesigned Pricing page so you can better understand the plans we offer.

August 22nd, 2019


Hivemapper Maps

  • A showcase of real-life maps in the Hivemapper Gallery made by teams and mappers.
  • Easy Hivemapper Installer to support Colony Installs.
  • Revamps to the video details panel and player.

Hivemapper Map Generation

  • Improvements to map reconstruction, which now supports up to 8k imagery.
  • Improvements to the Texture Atlas.

July 25th, 2019


Hivemapper Maps

  • Map Labels (beta) provides context in the 3D map by labeling roads and points of interest. Global data is included in Hivemapper Colony and Hivemapper Swarm.

Hivemapper Map Generation

  • A number of changes improved the resolution of maps generated from videos, in particular videos with a low frame rate. These changes also fixed problems with processing long high resolution videos.

July 22nd, 2019


Hivemapper Colony

  • Install and setup of Hivemapper Colony is simplified by removing the need to install Mapbox Atlas alongside Hivemapper.
  • Hivemapper now works with a wider range of NVIDIA Tesla models. Hivemapper has been tested on Tesla micro-architectures Kepler, Maxwell, Pascal, and Volta. If you would like to run Hivemapper on a different NVIDIA GPU contact us and we will figure out if your system is supported.

Hivemapper Maps

  • New screenshot tool lets you save an image of the 3D map exactly as it appears on screen.

June 17th, 2019


Hivemapper Maps

  • Map Layers can now be visualized over a wide area without issue. Some visual glitches in Map Layers in hilly terrain were also fixed.

Hivemapper Map Generation

  • Visual improvements to default map view. The global 3D map in default view (a.k.a. textured mesh) looks even better. Color correction makes the map more visually consistent.

May 16th, 2019


Hivemapper Maps

  • The 3D map now displays at a monitor’s native resolution. Most users will notice a better looking 3D map. In particular Map Layer overlays are a lot sharper.
  • Multiple improvements to search on the Video Manager and Admin pages.

Hivemapper Map Generation

  • Visual improvements to default map view. The global 3D map in default view (a.k.a. textured mesh) now looks a lot better. The map is a lot more coherent and small holes in the data are now filled in.

April 15th, 2019


Hivemapper Maps

  • Improvements to user-uploaded Map Layers. Map Layers now displays line and point data from upload GeoJSON or KML files.
  • Mapbox Atlas is no longer a requirement for Hivemapper Colony. Provide an alternative map style and Hivemapper will use that instead. Some functionality is reduced.

March 26th, 2019


Hivemapper Maps

  • Alpha version of user-uploaded Map Layers. Upload any GeoJSON or KML file and see the data overlayed on your 3D map. This is an alpha release so it has a number of known limitations that will be fixed in upcoming releases:

    • Only displays Polygon features from the uploaded data. Points and Lines will be supported in the next release.
    • Map performance is slow on very detailed datasets such as full resolution tax parcel polygons.
    • Some larger uploads (> 500 MB) may fail to process and will not show up on the map.

February 28th, 2019


Hivemapper Maps

  • New layout and color scheme for the map interface, video dashboard, and administrative tools.

February 7th, 2019


Hivemapper Map Generation

  • Completely new Dashboard (previously known as the Video Manager) interface. We redesigned this page from the ground up in order to make it easier to manage your video uploads and find your maps.

January 17th, 2019


Hivemapper Maps

  • New (beta) global terrain dataset provides broader context around the maps to understand how the world looks in areas not yet surveyed. Read more here
  • New export of textured mesh maps to 3D OBJ files for use in Unity and AR/VR applications.
  • Improved loading progress bar to give users a better sense of when the application is loading more data.
  • Implemented dramatic performance improvements across the Maps application.
  • Improved performance for pan/zoom in the Default Textured Mesh UI to match that of the Point Cloud experience.
  • Fixed a bug where the Default Textured Mesh UI wouldn’t load in single model view without toggling Point Cloud first.

Hivemapper Map Generation

  • Expanded support of up to 8k video resolution when processing. Simply set the ‘Map Resolution’ to ‘High’ when uploading video(s) and Hivemapper will do the rest. Read more here
  • New automated LiDAR check and import for every video upload.
  • Migration to latest GRiD endpoint to provide improved up-time for LiDAR imports.
  • Expanded automated health checks for Hivemapper Colony installs to validate additional tileset existence needed for LiDAR import.

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