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the rest is almost free

Street view
Map Image API (Airborne)
Price per map tile
Prioritize a map tile
90 days or fresher
$0.015 / tile
Older than 90 days
$0.0075 / tile
Each Map Tile is 0.001 sq km and only charged when data is available
Only charged if mapped within 90 days of your request
Calculator (Airborne)
# of map tiles

Price per tile

Total price
All of San Francisco
121 sq km
Rose Bowl
0.3 sq km
Residential Parcel
0.001 sq km

What’s included

  • Airborne map imagery within the tile
  • Ground imagery within the tile
  • Faces and license plate masked for privacy

Developer centric API

  • Query for available coverage
  • Granular query parameters
  • Multiple data formats
API Docs

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