Pick the plan that fits
your needs

Instead of a monthly subscription you under-utilize, Hivemapper lets you pay the processing power you need when you need it.

Each server hour gives you dedicated processing power to build hi-resolution maps from your uploaded footage.

If you're looking to tap into the Collector Network, our plans allow you to subcribe to regular updates in key cities to ensure you have the coverage and data you need.

Private Cloud

Pay for Hivemapper Server Hours per month based on your needs.
Minimum 2 server-hours per month.


730 dedicated server-hours every month with increased security and processing speeds
$13,140 monthly

What is a Hivemapper Server-Hour

1080p Video
6 mins.
1/5 km²
4k Video
1.5 mins.
1/20 km²

Each sever hour is dedicatd GPU processing turning your videos into usable 3D data. Your needs will be based on the type of footage you upload and the resolution you work with.

Hivemapper can process 1 sq km in about 5 server hours from 1080p footage. For higher resolutions like 4k, 1 sq km could take up to 20 server hours.

Not sure what you need? Contact us to learn more.

All our plans include these core features

Make a Map

Process video into accurate 3D maps private to your team.

Access our global map

Access our Global Map collected by our network of collectors.

Visualization & Analytics

End-to-end suite of modern visualization and analytics tools.

Better Intergrations

Get data in and out of Hivemapper with ease.

Dedicated Support

Access our support team through email or phone, or schedule onsite support that meets your needs.

Additional Hardware

Get Hivemapper On-Premise pre-installed on a hardware appliance. Additional fee of $20,000.

Private Cloud
Tools that let you measure and visualize your data in four dimensions
OBJ, LAS, and GeoTIFF format
Private Maps
Keep your data visible to your users, but secure from the public map
Bulk Import
Upload faster and easier
Admin tools
Manage your users and their content
9x5 Support
Our team of mapping, video, and collection experts are available to help you 3D Map your world
On-site Support
Our team will come to you to ensure your organization can get the most out of Hivemapper
Automated security for all your users
Data Redundancy
Automatic backups and archives
API Access
Automatically upload your videos and monitor them through the pipeline

Your needs, our data

Annual price
San Antonio$5,000
New Orleans$5,000
San Francisco$5,000
Kuala Lumpur$10,000

Hivemapper is building a Global 3D Map that grows bigger by the day. Let us help your business by gaining access to our maps with regular updates as new data comes in. Use our full suite of tools, download any section you need, and put our Collector Network at your fingertips.

Our plans cover the Global Map itself, or just the cities your business needs.

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