Every Pricing Plan Includes

Smarter Camera

Video transformed into 3D.
Map automatically grows.Learn More

Insight Tools

Tools to get the most out of your map.
Everything you need make decisions.Learn More

3D Video Map

Instantly find the right video.
Explore your video from a new angle.Learn More


Add more context with Satellite maps.
See from country to sidewalk.Learn More

Change Detection

Automatically detect changes in
3 dimensions.Learn More

Private Data

Store all videos on-premise.
Only you can access your data.Learn More

*Satellite is not available with all pricing plans.

Deploying Hivemapper

Run It on Your Private Cloud

Private by Design

We’ve engineered Hivemapper to run on your private cloud. Your videos, your map. Our powerful system admin tools make it easy to setup and monitor Hivemapper on your private cloud.

Hivemapper Private Server

Run It Onboard Your Camera Coming Soon

Power up your video camera with Hivemapper

The most expensive and exquisite video camera looking at the wrong thing is useless. We tell the camera where to look to fill map coverage gaps and reveal changes.

Compressing video files to send half way around the world damages video quality and your map. By running Hivemapper onboard we can deliver higher quality 3D maps, and we can do it faster.

We work with leading video camera manufactures to integrate Hivemapper directly onboard.

Contact us to learn more.
Fill map coverage gap
45 degrees off nadir

Plan Sizes

Hours of Video = Size of Your Map*

Hivemapper plans are based on the amount of video you process.

To see how much map you can create every month, click and drag the slider below or simply contact us to get a quote for your organization.

Map of the San Francisco Bay Area
0 sq km
Size of 3D map
*The size of your map will vary based on flight patterns