The dashcam built for mapmaking

Coming soon to Hivemapper is our complete dashcam. Designed to fit behind your rearview mirror for recording and automatically upload the collected footage when it connects to your WiFi. From your car to the map, without even opening your browser!


Do you DIY?

The Open Dashcam is a physical device that records and stores videos. While the device can be used like all other dashcams, the video it produces is optimized to build street level map coverage.

All components and blueprints are open source, enabling anybody to assemble their very own version of the Open Dashcam.

Core components include:

  • Camera: 4k camera at 15 fps
  • GPS: Built-in
  • WiFi: Built-in 802.11n 2.4GHz / 802.11ac 5GHz Dual band
  • Storage: Built in SD Card, min of 64GB
  • Open Telemetry Kit: Combines GPS with video frames
Raspberry Pi

Join the waitlist

Please note before signing up for the interest waitlist:

  • Joining the waitlist does not guarantee an Open Dashcam sale.
  • We may not be able to offer the same price and payment methods, both are subject to change.
  • The sale of the Open Dashcam may be restricted to specific geographies and countries based on regulatory issues.
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