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Understand the map

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Understand the what

Object AI automatically understands whether the thing on a map is a building, vegetation, road, and more.

Put AI to work

We've harnessed AI to segment your map by object type, making smart-maps accessible for all.

Focus on what matters

Filter your map and detected changes by the objects you care about, powered by AI.
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AI for everday mapping

Let the computer classify so you have more time to create actionable insights from your geospatial data.

Object Classes
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Human-made objects rising above the ground such as homes, offices, towers.


Natural ground such as dirt, rocks, sand, and grass.


Vegetation over 25 cm such as trees and bushes.


Objects that can move such as vehicles, boats, cars, airplanes, people, and animals.


Human-made objects at ground level such as roads, sidewalks.

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Computer vision meets deep learning

Hivemapper helps you go beyond 3D mapping and focus on objects that matter by automatically identifying vehicles, structures, roads, vegetation, ground, and more.

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