Video in, Map out

Hivemapper’s mapping pipeline is completely automated.

Put video in one side and a living 3D map comes out the other end.

How it works

A lot goes into making Hivemapper’s pipeline work, but here are the basics:

Puzzle Piece


First, using machine vision technology we accurately combine footage from each video into a single 3D map.

Three Puzzle Pieces


Next, we figure out exactly where in the world this map is located. This new map is now part of the global living map. A rough flight path or location estimate lets the system know where to start looking.

Completed Puzzle

Change Detection

Finally, we compare the new map with older maps of the same area to find what has changed.

Never throw away any video.

Hivemapper automatically and intelligently determines which parts of a video can build a living 3D map.

Video Processing
Working on building a 3D map from this part of the video.
Mapped Video
Succesfully built a 3D map from this part of the video.
Video Not Mapped
This part of the video cannot be fully transformed to a 3D map.
2 min 12 sec

Processing times

Turning a video into a 3D map is not a realtime process (yet). Here’s what you can expect:

ResolutionMap Processing Time
720p45 Minutes
1080p112 Hours

Processing times will vary depending on the content of the video.

Longer videos have similar processing times on sufficiently large clusters.

Upload video to Hivemapper

If you need to upload video to Hivemapper we got you covered. Whether you are a one-person shop with a few videos or an administrator needing to import 10,000 videos per week, we have the right tools to make uploading video easy. There are three ways to upload your video to Hivemapper to begin map processing.

Screenshot of upload a video to Hivemapper

Upload from your browser

If you just have a dozen or so videos to upload to Hivemapper our drag and drop user interface is simple and fast. Just like Dropbox or Google Drive simply drag the videos you want to upload and then track their upload progress.

Screenshot of bulk importing videos to Hivemapper

Bulk Uploads

Point Hivemapper at a networked directory and it uploads every video in it. In just two button clicks upload millions of hours of video and watch your map grow.

Screenshot of code

API Video Upload

For paid plans we provide a robust REST based API for uploading video from an external system. The full set of APIs also provides the ability to check the processing status for all uploaded videos.

Ready to get started?