Video in, Map out

Hivemapper’s mapping pipeline is completely automated.

Put video in one side and a living 3D map comes out the other end.

Build a fresh, accurate map with our mapping pipeline

High performance machine vision, advanced georegistration algorithms, and modern Change Detection combine to create a new mapping pipeline:

Puzzle Piece


Using machine vision technology, we accurately combine footage from each video into a single 3D map.

Three Puzzle Pieces


Next, we figure out exactly where in the world this map is located. This new map then becomes part of the global living map.

Completed Puzzle

Change Detection

Finally, our advanced Change Detection algorithms determine what is new or changed.

Never throw away video

Hivemapper automatically and intelligently determines which parts of a video can build a living 3D map.

Video Processing
Working on building a 3D map from this part of the video.
Mapped Video
Succesfully built a 3D map from this part of the video.
Video Not Mapped
This part of the video cannot be fully transformed into a 3D map.
2 min 12 sec

Build maps from color and infrared video

Upload color video, infrared video, or both and we build a single fresh 3D map for you.

Infrared Generated Map

Infrared Map

Standard Map

Standard Map

The advantage of using infrared video include:

  • Works at night
  • Observe relative temperature of objects in the map
  • Produces clearer maps from high altitudes

Processing times

Turning a video into a 3D map is not a realtime process (yet). Here’s what you can expect:

ResolutionTime for a 10
Minute Video
720p25 min
1080p50 min
4k2 hrs

Running Hivemapper Colony, our on-premise product?

Read about our hardware requirements >