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Visualize and analyze your map, all in a web browser.

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Spend less time ping-ponging between video and map apps

Imagine if Google Maps and YouTube had a baby. Hivemapper places video in context of an an accurate map. The fast and efficient way to store and retrieve your video.

  • Spend less time staring at videos, get to the part that matters fast.
  • Find historical videos of exact spot faster.
  • No flight metadata required — we use advanced geospatial algorithms to match location.
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Get everybody focused on the changes that matter

Hivemapper’s change detection technology automatically highlights the changes that are important to you.

  • Instantly spot parts of the map that have changed.
  • Filter the change to isolate the change you are looking for faster.
  • Detailed and accurate before and after comparison.
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Map tools for analysts and executives all delivered in one place