Paper map illustration


Visualize and analyze your map, all in a web browser.

Work faster with our modern map viewer

Our modern - yet familiar - map viewer experience is the perfect interface for visualizing and analyzing your map in any web browser.

Everyone gets their way

Your accuracy obsessed analysts and your “give me wow-visuals” marketers can work off the same map data.

Photo Realism

Photo Realism

By default, our 3D maps appear photo realistic to provide a familiar look and to make navigation and identification more intuitive.

Point Cloud

Point Cloud

Point clouds are the most raw way to look at our data when absolute accuracy is required.

Find video faster

Index video to any spot in the 3D map for fast searching.

  • Quickly find historic videos of an exact location.
  • Spend less time staring at videos so that you can get to the part that matters.
  • No flight-metadata is required; we’re using machine vision to match location.

Focus on change

Hivemapper’s change detection technology automatically highlights the changes that are important to you.

  • Be alerted to parts of the map that have changed.
  • Filter changes in order to quickly isolate the change you are looking for.
  • Get detailed and accurate before and after comparisons.
Learn more about Change Detection >