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Map, meet analytics

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Map smarter, map easier

Powerful visualization and tools gives everyone on your team the ability to quickly and easily get answers that move your operations forward.

Build with Hivemapper data

Instantly and automatically intergrates with our comprehensive data of lidar, terrain and more. No expertise needed.

Share with anyone, from anywhere

Securely access and share your maps from any web browser - no downloads or installs needed.
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Unleash your map's potential

Powerful filtering and sorting gives everyone on your team the freedom to easily and quickly get answers that move your operations forward.

Product Features
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Video search

Click anywhere and retrieve all videos of that location. See an unfiltered look at the data that built your map.


View a location at a specific point in time and see how it has evolved.

Height above ground

Color the map by object height above ground. Identify obstructions for low-altitude aircraft and more.


Determine visible and non-visible areas from a given point on your map, especially useful for positioning your cellular stations.


Accurately measure and find coordinate information for any points on the map.

Build with Hivemapper data

Build on top of our rich global map data for added visual context and improved accuracy.

Data Included
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Streets and Points of Interest

Gain instant context with our embedded roads and places.


Beautiful hillshades and elevation contours add visual context to your map.


View complete lidar map and improve the accuracy of your maps to 30cm absolute accuracy.

Upload Map Layers

Upload any GeoJSON or KML file to visualize your data alongside the maps you build, especially useful for making use of your existing geospatial data.

Immerse yourself - your 3D map in VR

Hivemapper intergrates with the VR you already use. Immerse yourself in the maps you build by connecting them to a VR experience.

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Experience your own VR

See maps built by others

Forward looking teams and mappers create their real-life maps in our Gallery.

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