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At Hivemapper we are looking for people who are as excited as we are about developing the most advanced software to transform airborne videos into useful intelligence. Our success is built on a team with great communicators, self-starters, and passion for history and geography.

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Hivemapper provides transparency on a global scale by transforming aerial video into actionable data.


Hivemapper aims to provide greater stability in the world by increasing global transparency. Transforming aerial video into a living 3D map, with advanced computer vision and geospatial algorithms, provides the world’s most important organizations better visibility throughout the world.


Hivemapper is a full stack software product.

Computer Vision
We use computer vision to transform any airborne video into a living 3D map.
Advanced Geospatial Algorithms
Integrate heterogeneous data streams with advanced georegistration algorithms to build an accurate global 3D map.
Distributed Systems
Our real-time distributed data processing platform that manages petabytes of videos.
3D Graphics
A new way for people to contextualize their videos and detect changes over time.

Current Job Openings

All Jobs located in Silicon Valley, CA

Senior Computer Vision Engineer
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Senior Backend Engineer
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Backend Operations Engineer
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Senior Softwared Engineer (Algorithms)
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Senior Web UI Engineer
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Web UI Engineer
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