How it Works

With airborne video build a fresh, accurate, and smart map for any part of the world with our completely automated process.

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Collect video

Flexible ways to collect video

{makeAltTextForImage('/assets/images/marketing/how-it-works/how_it_works_check_mark.svg')} Collect video from any aircraft

From a Cessna, drone, or helicopter it's your choice.

See maps built from different aircraft >

{makeAltTextForImage('/assets/images/marketing/how-it-works/how_it_works_check_mark.svg')} Any camera

Capture video with a GoPro, FLIR, or Nikon. If it captures video it can build a map.

Learn more in our camera guide >

{makeAltTextForImage('/assets/images/marketing/how-it-works/how_it_works_check_mark.svg')} Any condition

Fly night or day, fly sunny or overcast. We figure it out.

Learn more about collecting any time >
air vehicles

Mid Altitude

<5,000 ft

u2 nikon d850
l2 canon 5d
Canon 5D
Learn how to collect videoWatch the tutorial

Upload & create

Upload Video

{makeAltTextForImage('/assets/images/marketing/how-it-works/how_it_works_check_mark.svg')} Easy uploader tools

No desktop software to install. Upload to or your on-premise deployment by dragging and dropping video - it's as easy as sharing files.

Learn more about upload tools >

{makeAltTextForImage('/assets/images/marketing/how-it-works/how_it_works_check_mark.svg')} Automated map creation

Hivemapper automatically takes the best parts of each video and turns them into a 3D map and Change Detection map, so you don't have to fuss about cutting the right part of the video.

Learn more about Map processing >
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Use your map

Use your smarter map

Use your smarter map

Map Header IconMap

Use your map in your browser - no software to install. Powerful visualization and analytics built right into your living map.

Learn more about the Map >

Change Detection Header IconChange Detection

Your smarter map automatically sees changes in the physical world and visualizes what is new, what is removed.

Learn more about Change Detection >

Object AI Header IconObject AI

Automatically understands whether the thing on your map is a building, vegetation, road, and more.

Learn more about Object AI >
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Collect video

Upload and build your map

Use your map