Turn video feeds into a 3D map

Transform any airborne video a into high-definition 3D map.

Build fresh maps from nothing more than airborne video.

Hivemapper Scales

Watch your 3D map automatically grow as you upload video.

The longer your video, the larger your 3D map will be.

120 hours of video creates a 50 square miles (size of San Francisco) 3D map.

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Travel through time in a 3D video map

Find the video you need, when you need it.

Instantly find all videos of a location.

Videos are mapped by location for fast and easy viewing.


See Changes

Automatically detects changes in all 3-dimensions.

Our software offers the only automated way to detect vertical changes.

See examples of change detection that highlight changes to buildings, vegetation, terrain, or even entire cities.

Red = Significant change

All the tools you need in one place

Analysts, executives, and commanders are productive from day one with easy, familiar, and powerful map tools.

Measure precisely
Get context quickly
Precise Coordinates
Hivemapper supports all major browsers.
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Best of drones
Best of satellites
One unified 3D map

Covers everything from country to city to front porch.