Getting Started

What is Hivemapper?

By combining the power of artificial intelligence and drone videos we create a fresh 3D map of the earth to understand and visualize the earth in a new way via Flight View. Everybody will be able to participate in creating the map by simply sharing their drone videos - join the waitlist..

What is Hivemapper Flight View?

Hivemapper's Flight View. is by far the best way to view drone video footage. It's like Street View - from above - yet so much better. Hivemapper transforms your drone video into a 3D map and then automatically organizes your video to explore within a map.

Why should I try Flight View?

  1. By far the best way to view your drone videos
  2. Get free 3D models of your videos
  3. Spend less time video editing
  4. Works with (almost) any drone

Join the waitlist.

How do I contribute to the map?

Consider adding your drone video footage to Hivemapper Flight Viewand we'll automatically add the 3D map data generated from your videos into the map. When you then Fly with Hivemapper's app your flying experience gets better and safer.

Will any drone video work?

Currently, we accept video from any drone that generates an .SRT file for the captured video. In the DJI Go app turn on the Video Caption setting to generate an .SRT file for each video you capture. If your drone is generating an .SRT file when capturing video you can fly with any app that supports video capture (Go App, Litchi or Hivemapper's app. In the future we will accept video from any drone.

Fly with Hivemapper

Why Fly with Hivemapper's app?

Think of flying a drone without Hivemapper as using a smartphone without an internet connection -- it can still fly (or make phone calls), but it has no information about the world around it. Hivemapper transforms all the world's drone videos into a 3D map of the earthdont for drone fliers so you are infusing your drone with geospatial data.

So do I actually fly with Hivemapper?

Yes! Just like flying with a DJI app, the Hivemapper app connects to your DJI drone and provides its own first-person view live video feed as you fly. Only with Hivemapper, our map elements are integrated into the video feed so you can find amazing places of interest, get warnings about building obstructions, and easily find your way home.

Do I need a drone to use it?

To fly with Hivemapper you need a drone. Anybody can can explore the map on the flight-view or download the app.

Can I record video with Hivemapper?


I don’t have a drone/my drone is not supported yet -- Can I use Hivemapper?

Absolutely! While you may not be able to fly with us yet, you can still explore the map.

What do I need to buy and install?

To fly your drone with Hivemapper you will need to have one of the supported DJI drones and an Android device with the Hivemapper app installed.

Do you have Android and iOS versions of the app?

We are currently only available on Android Android (link to download), but are working hard to make sure our iOS version is ready as soon as possible. Sign up for iOS here.

How much is it?

100 percent free. Map data will always be free to use via Hivemapper.

Can I switch between the DJI Go and Hivemapper app?

Yes. Hivemapper respects your DJI Go app settings. For example, if you set the return to home as 150ft Hivemapper will respect that and when flying with Hivemapper your drone will return to home at that height.

What drones does Hivemapper support?

Currently, Hivemapper works on the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced, Phantom 3 Pro, Phantom 4, and DJI Inspire, with support for other drones to come. See the full list here.

How do I connect to my drone to start flying?

  1. Open the Hivemapper mobile app
  2. Connect your USB to the drone's controller
  3. Choose Hivemapper app from prompt like you see below. If this prompt never appears you have to clear your DJI Go app defaults. Read this article.
  4. Tap on Fly (button will turn blue once it's ready)

Does the drone autonomously avoid objects?

Yes, objects that our maps know about.


Where do you get your data?

We transform the world's drone video footage into 3D map data.

How current is the data?

Depends on the last video feed we have of that area. If you want to refresh an area, you will be able to provide drone video footage and once your videos are transformed into 3D map data the map is automatically refreshed. Join the waitlist to start contributing drone videos.

What are all the types of data?

Available types of data:

BuildingsThe exact shape of a building. See example
TreesThe tallest point on a building. See example
AntennaTall antenna structures for radio, etc. See example
Intelligent AltitudeYour drones true height above ground. Watch demo
Overhead power linesLocation and heights for overhead power lines. Watch demo
PlacesPlaces of interest like towers, bridges, museums, and more. See example
No-Fly ZonesControlled airspace around airports, national parks, prisons, and more. See example