At our headquarters in Silicon Valley we’ve assembled a team of mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, and user experience designers to bring deep intelligence to video cameras.


The proliferation of small, cheap, and exquisite optical systems means airborne video cameras generate far more video than humans could ever watch. Yet, until now no one has had the software to make sense of all this video.

Hivemapper transforms existing video cameras into an intelligent system producing invaluable geospatial information critical for the mission success of the world’s premier defense agencies.

We don’t make video cameras — we make them intelligent. Here’s how:

Our Mission

We believe reinventing the video camera with deep intelligence is the greatest opportunity to improve transparency and stability in the world.

Video doesn’t lie and it provides far richer and deeper information than any other form of input like text or still images. Yet only now, with advances in machine vision can we effectively turn raw video streams into valuable and actionable information.

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