Smarter mapping tools for the modern world

Hivemapper is modern mapping infrastructure. Hivemapper provides mapping, visualization, and analytic tools—for humans and machines alike—that uncover changes humans can’t see. Our machine vision powered mapping tools help forward thinking businesses and organizations build and visualize smarter living maps.

Whether building an autonomous delivery aircraft, assessing damage after disasters, keeping cities running, managing construction projects, or building situational intelligence for military operations, intelligent maps are core to all of these applications and Hivemapper powers them.

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By empowering everybody to build maps that reveal how the world is changing — changes that humans often cannot see — we can help make the world a safer place.

Our Team

At our headquarters in Silicon Valley we’ve assembled a team of mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, and user experience designers to to create a modern mapping platform fed by a network of videos. Our founding team members and advisors come from Yahoo, Intel, Google Earth, Palantir, and Mapbox.

Our Investment Partners

We proudly partnered with the premier venture investors to grow and expand Hivemapper globally.


Maps are the perfect combination of utility and design

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