About Hivemapper

At our headquarters in Silicon Valley we’ve assembled a team of mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, and user experience designers to create a modern and living 3D map.

Using machine vision we make every airborne cameras smarter by turning video feeds into a living 3D map.

Most drones and helicopters capture massive amounts of video while they fly, yet only 5% of this video is ever used. We believe this is a missed opportunity.

When your airborne cameras are connected to Hivemapper we automatically create and refresh your 3D map. We call this map a living 3D map:

Self-refreshing - it automatically keeps itself fresh as new airborne video is uploaded.

Aware of its history - you can look at the map throughout time, watch changes play out and be highlighted before your eyes.

Requires a modern user experience that’s connected to its sources. Imagine if Google Earth and YouTube had a baby - that’s Hivemapper.

Hivemapper transforms your fleet of drones and aircraft into a high performance and accurate living 3D maps — your videos, your map.

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