change detection

Change Detection

Hivemapper is built around automated Change Detection.

It’s a new day for Change Detection

Automatically sees and reveals changes in all three dimensions.
Tells you what’s new, what’s gone, and what’s unchanged.

See how Hivemapper Change Detection stacks up

The most common form of geospatial Change Detection is satellite Change Detection. Here is how Hivemapper compares.


3 Dimensional Geometric Shapes


Pixel to Pixel Comparison


Detects Terrain Shift
Volumetric Change
40 cm Level Changes


Video (3D Map) to LiDAR
Video (3D Map) to Video (3D Map)
Video (3D Map) to SAR


Collection from different cameras
Collection from different flight paths
Collection at different times of day
City level collection
Country level collection
On-Demand Freshness (45 min)

Dig deeper into Change Detection for maps

Change Detection for maps is a rich and deep area of mapping technology. We encourage you to learn more about this crucial technology and how it's being applied to multiple use cases.