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Change Detection

See changes in the map

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Automatically see change

Captures physical growth, loss, and disruptions faster than humans can.

Built in machine intelligence

Augment human analysis with AI built directly into your map.

Cut through the noise

Powerful filtering and sorting powered by Object AI.
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Play with a Change Detection map

Powerful filtering and sorting gives anyone the freedom to quickly find the changes that are important to you.

Product Features
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Change Detection

Go to the Change Detection map from here.Learn More

Amount of Change

Filter detected changes by amount of change. To see small changes pull the slider to the left, or to hide small changes move the slider to the right.

Filter by Recency and Location

Show the most recent changes and filter by changes closest to you on the map.

Before and After Timeframes

See the before and after videos for the changes you selected on the map.

Filter by Object

Object AI allows you to filter your Change Detection map by object type like terrain, vegetation, and more.

See Change Detection maps built by others

Forward looking teams and mappers share their Change Detection maps in our Gallery.

How Change Detection works

Generating actionable information requires smarter change detection, and not the old school kind of change detection. Our approach is fast and flexible.


Hivemapper uses a combination of machine vision, machine learning, and advanced geospatial algorithms to automatically detect changes in all three dimensions. It’s Change Detection that actually works.


Unlike other technologies, you can collect from different cameras, different angles, and different altitudes and still build a Change Detection map with Hivemapper.


Older approaches to Change Detection only detected changes that are two dimensional - they could not tell you that terrain was rising. Our approach is true 3D picking up changes in the Z axis.

Build a Change Detection map

So you want to discover how the world is changing by building your very own Change Detection map, here is how you get started.


Collect and upload video.
Change Detection Build Step 1


Perform a second collection of an overlapping area to see changes.
Change Detection Build Step 2

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