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Should I contribute to Hivemapper? Here are the top 10 reasons to map for the Hivemapper Network.

Mappers on wheels come in different varieties–leaving different tire marks.  ​​We were able to identify 10 types of mappers within the vibrant and engaged community that has developed around the Hivemapper Network. What type of mapper are you? Let us know on Twitter.
The Hivemapper Network has grown to over 5,000 contributors since its launch on November 3rd last year. Together, these contributors have mapped over 200,000 unique kilometers.


Do you drive a lot for your job or do you simply love to drive?If you have a job that involves a lot of driving, especially novel routes in urban areas, Hivemapper is a great fit for you. If you like to hit  the road to clear your mind or enjoy road trips, Hivemapper is also a great fit for you.


Do you need a dashcam for your job? Many Uber, Lyft, and Doordash drivers purchase a dashcam because their vehicle is a critical asset that helps pay their rent and more. In case of an accident, rideshare and delivery drivers need video footage to ensure their insurance rates don’t skyrocket. The Hivemapper Dashcam S is a great dashcam for this kind of driver as it provides excellent security capabilities while doubling as a crypto miner on the Hivemapper Network.


Do you own a fleet of vehicles? Fleets of vehicles are the best fit for the Hivemapper Network. First, as a fleet owner you’ll be able to earn a share of HONEY from all vehicles in your fleet and your drivers will also be able to earn HONEY. Second, fleet vehicles often drive novel urban routes and are able to collect high quality imagery, resulting in higher HONEY rewards. If you don’t own many cars and employ drivers, you can start with just family and friends. Learn more here


Do you like to build and create new things? If building and creating something new excites you, then watching the Hivemapper Map grow will likely excite you too. While people who drive a lot for work or fun collect more imagery and earn more HONEY, anyone can contribute to the Hivemapper Network. So, don’t hesitate to join the Hivemapper Network and help shape, influence, and improve its decentralized global map.


Do you believe the world needs fresher and better maps? If you know a thing or two about maps, then you know that today’s approach to building maps is incredibly expensive and therefore not updated frequently. The Hivemapper approach is far more cost effective and supplies fresher and higher quality map data.


Do you think modern maps should provide access to real-time visual map data? A decentralized global mapping network that incentivizes contributors to supply fresh data, takes map-making to a whole new level. With a critical mass of contributors, it’s possible to envision a network steeped in real-time visual map data. The opportunities for developers and business to build on top of that is tremendous. Hivemapper is poised to transform the logistics, utilities, real estate, telecom, insurance, and engineering industries. Learn more about our Map Imagery API here.


Do you want to own the things you help build with your data? Today, the likes of Google Maps and Waze mine your data for their financial benefit. Hivemapper’s decentralized approach disrupts this siloed approach and gives people the opportunity to build ownership in a new global map. Additionally, Hivemapper gives people the power to determine where map data is important. 


Do you want to support the future of mapping? In today’s industrialized world, all human activity runs and depends on a robust map layer. Maps evolved over centuries to arrive at their current state–digital, dynamic, information-rich, searchable, and more. However, as new technologies like ML/AI, blockchain, and AR/VR mature and sensors get ever smaller and cheaper, it’s inevitable that the evolution of maps will continue. We believe that a decentralized mapping network that incentivizes refreshing map data and leverages ML/AI, blockchain, and the newest sensors is the future of mapping. It will give rise to the next generation of applications built on top for all kinds of use cases. 


Are you into blockchain and crypto? If you’re into proof of physical work or DePIN as some call it and building real world infrastructure  by leveraging the blockchain and crypto-incentives, Hivemapper is for you.The Hivemapper concept is simple. Drive, map, earn crypto. The Hivemapper Network has the potential to become the biggest crypto project the world has seen. It’s built on the Solana blockchain and its native HONEY token is a true utility token. Learn more about HONEY tokenomics here.


Do you just like to have fun? Whether you had a good week or bad week, seeing that you helped grow a map just by doing something you already do is fun and gives you the pleasure to know that you accomplished something that week. The Hivemapper Network has a lot of potential for gamification. For example, a leaderboard for who mapped the most bridges or reported the most incidents is likely to eventually appear in the UI. We recently tweeted a sneak peek of Hivemapper Buzz reports. Stay tuned for more updates.

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