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Introducing the Hivemapper Dune Dashboard: Explore Growth and HONEY Rewards Metrics of the Hivemapper Network

How many people are mapping on Hivemapper? How much HONEY rewards do they get? 
These have been commonly asked questions since the launch of the network in November, and although this information is available on the Solana blockchain, understanding these trends has been difficult to do … until now. 
A new dashboard launched Feb. 2 on the crypto data platform Dune makes it easy for anyone to quickly and easily access this information. It includes graphs and tables about the following:
  • HONEY rewards issued by week, for both Map and QA contributions
  • Map and QA contributor count, by week
  • Weekly and monthly contributor growth
  • Total HONEY minted for Map and QA contributions
  • Leaderboard of HONEY rewards by contributor
  • Summary statistics for individual HONEY earnings
The dashboard was developed by the independent analyst 0xMurathan, who had previously developed dashboards for crypto projects such as the Uniswap and Bebop trading platforms. 0xMurathan built the dashboard using public transaction data from the Solana blockchain. 
Some data points are not yet available on-chain for this purpose, such as the number of map tiles that a contributor submitted or the number of QA images they reviewed to generate a HONEY reward. However, Hivemapper is dedicated to putting more and more information about network activity on-chain over time to cultivate a transparent, community-driven network.  
Additional information about map coverage and region-level statistics is already available on Hivemapper Explorer and more will be added in the future.
“At Hivemapper, we’re building a map of the world in a more communal and transparent way than anyone has ever done before,” said Gabe Nelson, Head of Operations at Hivemapper. “Contributors deserve real-time data about the Hivemapper network so they can make informed decisions about how to participate in the project. We’re thankful to 0xMurathan for building this great tool that makes it easy to understand network activity and HONEY rewards.”
Some key insights, as of Feb. 2, include: 
  • Hivemapper currently has 5,685 total contributors, with 45% monthly growth in total contributors and 52% growth in weekly active contributors. 
  • Hivemapper has minted 3.63 million HONEY for map and QA contributors since the launch of the network, including 517.3k HONEY for the week ending Jan. 29. 
  • Of the 994 contributors who have received map rewards since Dec. 26, the average HONEY rewards were 2,207.3 HONEY.

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