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Help Us Map More Trips to the Moon in Road Kilometers. Join the Hivemapper Mapping Network.

The Hivemapper Mapping Network has collectively mapped more than 1,000,000 road km over 9 months and across 9 markets. To put things in perspective, 1 million road km is more than a round trip to the Moon.
Our contributors use Hivemapper-supported dashcams to collect street-level imagery. Uploaded imagery is processed by our platform to create coverage. This way, our mapping network builds a constantly growing, ever-updating map of our world.
The Hivemapper Mapping Network has collectively mapped more than 1,000,000 road km over 9 months and across 9 markets.
Every day, as we go about our world, we touch maps in some form or fashion. Whether it’s through a travel app, social media app, real estate, you name it. Beyond just using Google Maps, Apple Maps, or whatever your choice of maps is, we just use maps a ton. Uber, obviously, wouldn’t exist without maps. Lyft wouldn’t exist without maps and geolocation and so forth. Maps are embedded in our lives in a way that most people don’t pause and appreciate.” — Ariel Seidman, Co-Founder & CEO of Hivemapper
Hivemapper shares profits with its contributors
Unlike big tech companies, Hivemapper shares rewards with its contributors. Cash rewards are currently available in 9 metro areas. Additionally, we’ve designed a new system to incentivize coverage, quality, and freshness. We will launch our decentralized global map on a blockchain this summer. Crypto rewards will promote coverage, quality, and freshness. Additionally, we’ve been hard at work building the Open Dashcam, a device that will make collection passive. We will start pre-sales soon and it will ship in the summer.
Hivemapper respects the privacy of its contributors
The Washington Post reported lawsuits filed in the District of Columbia, Texas, Washington and Indiana, that allege that Google deceived its users about how it profits from their location data. Unlike big tech companies, Hivemapper contributors will always know what data the Open Dashcam is collecting. It’s not creepy and doesn’t need to see your face. There are no hidden or sneaky backdoors collecting data that you don’t know about.
Here are a few ways Hivemapper protects the identity of its contributors:
  • Generates three-word usernames like “Flamboyant Tan Mapper”
  • Does not attach any location data to usernames. This means that there is no way to see that user “Flamboyant Tan Mapper” contributed at a precise location.
  • Uses computer vision algorithms to blur out license plates and faces.
  • Discards original content. If a contributor accidentally recorded something they did not intend to record, the original data is deleted.
Want to help us map more trips to the Moon in road kilometers?
Do you have a car or track and are already driving a lot? Simply purchase an approved dashcam, create a Hivemapper account, and start mapping. Sign up here today. You can earn additional income while driving in 9 markets.

Why we’re launching the Hivemapper Mapping Network on the blockchain soon
We’ve designed our blockchain-based mapping network with crypto rewards that will incentivize coverage, quality, and freshness. Additionally, blockchain technology facilitates a new level of encryption, privacy, and anonymity. Contributors will be able to “map mine” our native cryptocurrency token Honey (HONEY). This will grow the Hivemapper Mapping Network in a completely new way.
Next month, we will publish a document that outlines the tokenomics of Honey, the burn and mint system with a net emissions model, and how the system will incentivize map coverage, freshness, and quality.
If you’d like to receive this document, please email [email protected] with the subject line “How the Hivemapper Mapping Network Works.”

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