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Advanced Map Data to Streamline Long-Haul Trucking and Logistics

Hivemapper’s dynamic, up-to-date mapping network offers tools for optimized route planning and road monitoring.

The logistics industry, particularly long-haul trucking, relies heavily on precise and efficient route planning. Traditional mapping solutions, while foundational, can’t keep pace with dynamic changes such as road constructions and lane closures, leading to delays and increased operational costs. Inaccurate maps cost logistics companies an estimated $6 billion annually, according to a 2020 report, with drivers often driving an additional 10 miles or more each day.
With Hivemapper’s standardized, high-quality road imagery and detailed map features, logistics companies can optimize route planning and delivery times while improving safety and efficiency across their fleets. The Hivemapper Network continuously feeds fresh street-level imagery back to the platform, ensuring that the data remains current and reflective of real-world conditions.
Our Map Image API provides up-to-date imagery of trucking routes. Our Map Features API provides detailed information about road features like turn restrictions and speed limits extracted from imagery by our Map AI, which can also be capable of extracting intelligence such as weight limits, clearance limits, and tolls. Scout, our location monitoring tool, is perfect for tracking changes along key routes, providing alerts when new imagery or changes are detected at specified locations. If local data is missing, our Bursts feature allows companies to incentivize targeted mapping in areas of interest.
Visit our product page and contact sales to learn more. To get started, generate an API key. Our rich data integrates seamlessly into existing systems so that long-haul and delivery firms can maximize efficiency and minimize costs while delivering superior service.

Enhanced Visibility

Integrate the Map Image API to access the freshest street-level imagery, updated continuously by a vast network of drivers, to get the most current view of road conditions, construction zones, and potential hazards. This way your drivers know what to expect at distribution centers and loading areas, instead of finding out when they get there.

Precision Navigation

Access a wealth of critical road features and intelligence with the Map Features API. Enable precise navigation and compliance with local regulations while improving the accuracy of estimated arrival times.

Targeted Data Collection

Shape the map to meet specific needs with Bursts by incentivizing Hivemapper contributors to map critical areas, such as distribution centers, loading zones, and established routes. Ensure that the most relevant areas are updated with fresh imagery to get the most up-to-date information for making informed decisions.

Proactive Monitoring

Get timely alerts with Scout when new imagery or changes are detected in key locations, allowing you to quickly adapt routes, minimize delays, and address infrastructure changes that can impact operations. Monitor areas around critical zones such as loading docks and distribution centers.

Virtual Route Planning

Conduct virtual pre-trip inspections to identify potential challenges and optimize loading and unloading strategies, saving valuable time in the field. Logistics companies can proactively identify potential bottlenecks and develop contingency plans, solidifying their operational resilience.

Hivemapper is a dynamic mapping network that functions as a vital strategic partner for long-haul trucking companies and shipping providers. Our map data products are designed to offer enhanced clarity and precision in navigating the complexities of the world’s roads. Their seamless integration into logistics operations enables these firms to streamline route planning and execution while improving efficiency and safety.
By leveraging Hivemapper’s continuously updated and detailed map insights, logistics companies can substantially elevate the quality and reliability of their operations, ensuring they stay ahead in an increasingly competitive and fast-paced industry.**

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