Grow your very own map on top of our basemap data.

Foundation for your maps

Instead of relying on hardware like high precision GPS or ground control points, we use a combination of LiDAR, Satellite, and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) to georegister videos and build a fresh and accurate global map.

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Faster change detection

Change Detection works against any LiDAR data, so when you upload video in areas with LiDAR coverage you get instant Change Detection results.

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Adds situational context

Street Labels and Places help you understand where you are as you navigate the map.

View LiDAR so you have complete context on the shape of a building or other objects when your 3d map is incomplete.

Digital Elevation Model helps you see how the terrain is shaped.

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Excellent basemap data

We provide excellent basemap data with Hivemapper out of the box, can integrate with additional external repositories, and can easily import your own data.

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Provided by Hivemapper

Hivemapper Integration

Import your own



2+ million km2 of LiDAR.



Must be resolution of 3 meters or better.

Digital Elevation Model

Digital Elevation Model

Terrain data of 50M vertical resolution.



Street labels and places.

Custom Datasets

Custom Datasets

GeoJSON custom dataset e.g. buildings, places, etc.

Coming Soon!