Making a global 4D map.

Built by all of us, accessible to everyone

Our story

We built Hivemapper because in a rapidly changing global world, maps can’t cost effectively update fast enough. We’ve created a network that builds an affordable and up-to-date map in the places you need it most.

A team that loves maps

We are a team of mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, and designers working to create a decentralized mapping network.

Our team and advisors come from Yahoo, Scale AI, Google Earth, Palantir, and Mapbox.

Google Earth

Our partners

We have proudly partnered with premier venture investors including Spark Capital, GV, Founder Collective, and Harrison Metal to grow and expand Hivemapper globally.

Our partners: Spark Capital, GV (Google Ventures), Founder Collective, and Harrison Metal

Our Values

How we act

Always be inventing

  • We are iterative.
  • We are resilient.
  • We are curious.
  • We don't fear the messiness.

Have empathy and candor

  • We are thoughtful of other perspectives and we give others the benefit of the doubt.
  • We speak our minds but always with respect and intellectual honesty.
  • We understand that listening unlocks more than talking, and we strive to be good listeners.
  • We support others to be successful in their journeys.

Go a bit over the speed limit

  • We are ambitious.
  • We are constantly asking ourselves what is my next level.
  • We believe that it is better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission, yet we won’t be reckless.

Own the problem

  • We do what it takes to deliver.
  • We herd the cats to drive our projects forward.
  • We strive to articulate a vision or define the problem and rally others to solve it.

How we make decisions

Be proud of what you ship

  • We care about our work.
  • We are making something that we want to use and are proud of recommending.

Wear the customer's shoes

  • We get into the customer's mindset.
  • We go to the customer to learn how they work.
  • We observe and listen.

Be bold

  • Nobody ever won by thinking and acting small.


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